Bonami inspires with great design

Our mission is to discover new home design products and feature them in time limited campaigns. Throughout our short history we have already introduced over 120,000 products in over 5,000 campaigns and we still have not seen enough.

Inspire daily

We present new products and collections to our users in personalized newsletters every day morning.

Each product has its soul

We carefully craft the story of each campaign to be seen by up to
130,000 visitors monthly.

We deliver with love

We take care of great packaging, delivery and sales support to underlines the shopping experience.

From home decor
to furniture

Do you design and manufacture original products for the home? Whether it is a large sofa, original pillow or a painting, we believe great design can come from anywhere. If you have a great product, we are happy to talk about how Bonami can show it to our growing community.

We cooperate with the both - individual designers and large manufacturers.

Just get in touch and join the famous brands like Kartell, Karup, Joseph Joseph, Dara bags, Nordic Ware, ...

More than 700 designers and brands featured their product at Bonami.

Growing and growing...

With a large following of over 2,500,000 members and fans in Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, we make great effort to choose the best product every day.

Our main warehouse near Prague is a great location for any supplier.

Revenue has increased by 80 % y/y
reaching 480 mil. CZK last year

Bonami aims for at least 750 mil. CZK
in revenues in 2017

Do you have great design we should feature?

If you design, produce or distribute items we have missed, lets correct the mistake! Let us know and we will get back to you immediatelly to discuss the options.

 00420 277 279 830

Are we in touch? Let's contact your favourite creative hunter!